Plan B


This is a class project for Ninth Letter, class for Issue 14.2 (Fall 2017). The objective is to create a booklet that showcases our personal style and take  on what an alternative issue of Ninth Letter could look/function like.

Plan B is an alternative take on Issue 14.2 of Ninth Letter. Each student will be able to respond to the regular issue with few limitations and freely create an image heavy version. In contrast to having worked on Ninth Letter as a group, we created these variations on our own. The visual theme set for the booklet was "Transition".

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Plan B


The same class project for Ninth Letter, Issue 15.1 (Spring 2018).

The booklet was printed entirely with a Risograph printer. The visual themes set for the booklet were "Reveal" and "Imperfect", which are also the visual themes for Ninth Letter 15.1.

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